Gone are the days of the awkward Facebook buy-swap-sell group and praying to God that you haven’t just parted with your hard earned moola to an online scammer even though you reeeaallly wanted that Spell dress (true story).

Step forward a new wave of apps (ahem, some not that new but possibly new to me) which facilitate a new way of online shopping which can be both affordable, sustainable and in the case of true treasure hunters makes it much easier to snag that Rixo skirt from 2 seasons ago that you just couldn’t look away from on Instagram.

So here is the download on the ones I dig and all their details. Let me know what I have missed!


Depop has become the OG in the online pre-loved clothing game. Depop has the widest range of any of the apps, selling everything from Primark to Gucci, but specialising in Zara.

Hot: Huge range; Sellers are usually happy to negotiate; you can buy that sold out jumpsuit from Zara three seasons ago that you were devastated to miss out on and likewise someone will probably buy yours if you don’t want it anymore.

Not: Seller pays a fee to sell; no offer/negotiating feature; lots of ‘professional sellers’ have started to use Depop to buy up merch in Zara sales and sell it at inflated prices on Depop


Vinted is the bargain basement of this game. Sellers flog their wares at low costs (we are talking 2 pounds cheap) and there are no fees to sell. This app is best for that stuff you might otherwise have thrown out.

Hot: the offer function; no Seller’s fees; the interface shows size and other details without having to click into the item

Not: not for your premium products


This app has a similar vibe to Poshmark which is popular in the US and specialises in more premium (read: exxy) product. The interface is smooth AF and the ‘negotiating arena’ is a fantastic feature which makes the whole process a lot less awkward.

Hot: the ‘negotiating arena’ which facilitates a realistic offer process; the interface on the app which shows key items details (size, price etc) without having to click into the item

Not: Vestiaire will automatically cancel your purchase if the Seller hasn’t sent it within 7 days; the negotiating arena only lets you offer 70% of the listed price


Ah, the old faithful. My mum used to sell our old furniture on this dinosaur back in 2000. Having said that, there are a lot of Sellers that still seem to use Ebay over any of the fashion specific apps.

Hot: the range – it’s easy to find coveted pieces on here for low low prices; the ‘offer’ process (although I note it took someone making me an offer for me to realise this existed)

Not: The interface – it is crowded and difficult to find key information; the range – as it is not a fashion specific app there are limitations to what you will find on here, you really have to seek out hidden gems


HEWI, or ‘hardly ever worn it’ is new to the resale hustle and garnering popularity quickly. Specialising in luxury only, their website only function may give Vestiaire a run for its money in the coming years.

Hot: Designer brands at a fraction of the price, what’s not to love?

Not: The website – where am I supposed to look?

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