Call me Carrie Bradshaw…

But it’s 2020 and we’re in London, not New York… this is a blog and not a soap column… and perhaps more materially it doesn’t really make a difference where the bloody hell we are given London and New York (not to mention the rest of the world) are in the grips of a global pandemic, the world has physically shut down and jetsetting is a thing of the past, Hollywood red carpets are held on HouseParty and #isodating is the way of the future.

These days, we Zoom or Facetime our friends, Instagram in isolation and Deliverooo our dumplings. We Google our problems instead of gossiping with the girls.

So, whilst every (wo)man and his their dog is baking banana bread, taking up yoga and learning a new language, why not learn a new skill and chronicle my London life in lockdown (and beyond).

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